I create and execute marketing strategies

Between developing your product, finding clients, and running the business, social media and content creation may not be at the top of your to-do list. Lucky for you, this is my priority.


SSchuyler_002_smallI want to grow your company by building a strong community around your brand.

I am a native English-speaking sales and marketing professional who enthusiastically contributes to your team through copy writing, social media marketing, graphic design, and strategy development.

After evaluating your current marketing efforts, I will create and implement a new social media strategy based on best current practices. I will provide reports and analytics regularly to re-evaluate and adjust the strategy to maximize engagement with consumers, retailers, and account leads.



Strategy Development

Determining a plan of execution can be difficult if the direction seems unclear. I will develop a strategy based on my research and the business’s existing practices. This strategy may include a social media publishing schedule, a cohesive visual identity standard, or an advertising plan.

Copy Writing and Content Creation

Customers will come to your website and social media accounts looking for information about what you have to offer. I will write descriptions of your product, summarize your mission, or compose articles to bolster your brand. I will also create additional content to encourage social media engagement, which may include promotional graphics or blog posts.

Graphic Design

Marketing your brand across multiple platforms – both on and offline – requires a cohesive visual identity, but needs to feel fresh from place to place. I will create graphics that fit your existing style and entice consumers to learn more. From promotional material to recipe cards, I will bring your brand to life.

Social Media Management

I will research how your company currently performs on social media, then develop a marketing strategy and goals with you. I will work towards our goals with content development, content curation, and community management. Regular analysis will provide insight into our best practices and highlight strategies that work for your audience.

Whether you need someone to manage all your social media accounts, promote an event, create content, or simply design a marketing strategy, I would love to learn more about how I can help you – get in touch!



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