I want to help your business grow and save you time.

You found a problem that needed a solution, and the answer was your business. Congratulations – your business is up and running!

So now that you have your start-up story, what’s next? What are your goals? How do you keep growing?

That’s where you need me. Just a few examples of what I can do for you:

• write articles and copy for your website
• create a marketing plan
• manage your event promotion on social media
• design an email campaign
• set up your WordPress site

You focus on developing your business, and I will help you accomplish what needs to be done. Sound good? Have questions? Let’s connect!

Copy Writing and Content Creation

Customers want to know the value you provide. I can write articles for your website, compose email newsletters, create copy for your website. I can also create additional content to encourage engagement and boost SEO, which may include promotional graphics or blog posts. Visit my blog or my Previous Work to get a sense of my writing style.

Strategy Development

Creating a marketing plan takes time (which you may need to spend on other things). I can develop a strategy based on my research of your business and your existing practices. This strategy may include establishing a tone of voice, a social media publishing schedule, a cohesive visual identity standard, or an advertising plan.

Social Media Management

Social media is often a customer’s first introduction to your brand. After setting goals in the marketing strategy, I will use content development, content curation, and community engagement to develop your brand’s presence and achieve conversions. Regular analysis will provide insight into our best practices and highlight strategies that work for your audience.

Graphic Design

Marketing your brand across multiple platforms – both online and offline – requires a cohesive visual identity, but needs to feel fresh from place to place. I will create graphics that fit your existing style and entice consumers to learn more. From postcards to recipe cards, I will bring your brand to life.

Want to work together? Let’s connect.

Please note: as of August 2019, I’m not accepting new clients; however, I’m still happy to connect and recommend a rockstar!