How It Works

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before, prepare to have your mind blown.

(And I’m not just talking about myself. Copywriters as a whole are incredibly dedicated to their craft and usually love to nerd out about a few particular topics.)

I want to tell you about what you can expect when you work with me. I know that you value your time, which is why you are researching copywriters in the first place. And out of respect for your time and mine, I want to be honest and transparent about my work flow.

My goal is for you to be confident in the voice and the content I create.

How I like to work with clients

I enjoy working with deadlines and schedules. I’m best with written communication (copywriter, remember?), but sometimes a phone call or video chat is a quicker, easier way to work through a brainstorm.

If we do have a call, I like to have an agenda. And no matter what the phone call is for – a discovery call, a catch-up, a check-in – I always take notes.

I don’t like to send lots of emails because managing our inboxes can feel like such a chore. I do, however, love to keep you up to date. So whether that’s via WhatsApp messages, Trello board comments, or Slack notifications, I enjoy keeping an open line of communication. But if you’re most comfortable with email, that’s fine with me.

How We Work Together: Copywriter and Client

Like I mentioned before, I like to have an agenda!

1. Get to know each other in a discovery call

Let’s have a chat about the obstacle you’re facing. In this call, we’ll talk about:

  • What your business does
  • What obstacle or pain point you need me to solve (A stronger online presence? Written media to accompany your video our audio content?)
  • How I can solve that problem for you (One article? A series of articles? Optimizing your existing content?)
  • What else I can do to accelerate a solution (A marketing strategy? Outreach to publishers?)
  • Your timeline, i.e. how quickly you need my services

This conversation gives me an idea of the project scope so that I can create a proposal of services for you.

2. I send you a proposal for services

Within 48 hours of our call, I will send you a proposal for us to work together! The quote is guaranteed to be valid for 14 days. Payment terms will vary based on the project scope.

If you agree to the proposal, then we move onto the brief!

3. Dive deeper into the project together

The brief is the foundation of the project. It’s where we talk about:

  • Your target audience
  • What you want them to do when they finish reading
  • The value you want to provide
  • The resources you want to include
  • Example of articles or thought leaders that inspire you

My objective in this phone call is not only to get to know you better, but also to understand what my services need to achieve for you.

4. Then I write for you!

Depending on the scope of the project, I will keep you updated on the project’s status.

I will send weekly updates for larger projects (write papers, annual newsletters, articles that require interviews). But if I’m writing one article per week for your blog, updates and communication will only be when necessary – time is valuable!

And isn’t that the purpose? To save you time?

5. I submit the first draft for review

Unless otherwise discussed, I will send your draft via Google docs. This way, we can make suggestions and edits to a single document in real time without sending multiple versions back and forth.

Some things to consider when you review a first draft:

  • Does this tone of voice sound like my business?
  • Does the content provide the right solution?
  • Does each sentence make me want to read the next one?

Most importantly, be honest about what needs to change about the text. My job is to write something that makes you shout “Yes! This is what I’ve been trying to say!”

6. I incorporate the revisions, and you review them one more time

Two revisions may not sound like a lot. But because we had a great conversation before starting the project (see step 3), we shouldn’t need more than two!

So take your time with reviewing each version. Consider reading through it once or twice, closing the document for a couple hours, and then coming back to make your revisions.

As the copywriter, I like to limit the revisions in order to make this process efficient. I want to save you time, and if we have a fewer number of versions, it provides greater value to you.

And if needed, we can hop on a call to talk through any changes or reservations you have. This will be your text, and I want it to be the best it can be.

7. Project complete!

I send you the invoice along with the final version of the copy. And then, hopefully, we do it all again!

My Rate

For writing an article between 500 to 3,000 words, my copywriter services starts at €350. To give you an idea of what the word count looks like, my article about personal data is 1,815 words.

Whether you’re ready for your discovery call or you have more questions, I am eager to hear from you! Fill out the form below or email me at