Copy writing and Marketing: International Women’s Networking Group Rotterdam

I joined the International Women’s Networking Group (IWNG) Rotterdam for both social and professional purposes. I soon became involved with event organization, and eventually took on the role of establishing the Welcome Committee. In addition to coordinating programming, I also write for the website and assist with the social marketing strategy.

pictured right: speaking at the Reinvent Yourself event, hosted by Venture Cafe, Rotterdam Partners, Madame Rotterdam, Expat on the Move, and IWNG

An American Expat in Rotterdam: How I Got My Visa

A step-by-step personal story of obtaining a visa under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT), told by an American living in Rotterdam.

Copy writing: Food Heroes Podcast

Food Heroes Podcast publishes interviews twice a month with a variety of change-makers working in the food industry. As part of the content, the podcast needs show notes for each episode. In addition to transcribing episodes for show notes, I also write articles as a guest contributor. Below are a couple examples of my work for this client.

Episode 021 Veena Isoaho Coromandel Coast: Putting shade grown coffee from India on the World Map

In this episode, we learn a new way of coffee farming that is not only sustainable for the farmers, but also the planet.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s Freedom Farm Cooperative: An Early Example of Food and Democracy

What do the solutions to the “scarcity of democracy” look like in regards to food?

Copy writing: Mess Group

Mess Group has been an innovative force in Rotterdam, paving the way for business to thrive by building three uniquely cosmopolitan experiences in their venues: Biergarten, Ayla, and The Suicide Club. I created copy in the form of stories, descriptions, and social posts.

A Taste of Ayla’s New Fall Menu

Grilled sepia, red snapper with crab bisque, picanha…changes are coming to Ayla, and they all taste fantastic.

Unplugged: Episode One with Shirma Rouse

Roses. Candles. Good food. Good music. Great company. The first episode of Unplugged featuring Shirma Rouse was a classy, cozy evening of live music at The Suicide Club.

Marketing: Doux South

As the company grew, Doux South’s marketing efforts fell behind as resources were allocated elsewhere. I designed a marketing strategy to reinvigorate the brand’s community, promote their new products, and encourage engagement with both retail and wholesale customers. I continue to manage the strategy’s execution in an effort to increase product sales and increase brand presence online.

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