Privacy Policy

How I use your data

When you visit my website, Jetpack and Google Analytics collect data about how you interact with it. That data helps me understand what people are reading on my website, which then helps me brainstorm ideas for articles to write or services to offer.

But the data doesn’t say anything personal about you, really. I don’t know your name, your home address, your search history, your social media handles…none of that.

But if you comment on a post, I can see your name, email address, and website.

If you’re not cool with any of that, you may want to download this nifty add-on so that you can opt out of Google Analytics.

If you want to read more about what is stored, check out the Automattic Cookie Policy.

And if you sign up for my newsletter, Mailchimp shows me how you interact with the emails, similar to how Google Analytics shows me how you interact with my website.

I don’t sell any of your information in the strictest definition of the word (i.e. exchange information for money), and I don’t have advertising partners.