COVID19 Response Marketing Package (Free)

As of 18 March 2020, we have no idea when or how the world will recover from the COVID19 pandemic. As a freelancer and member of the human race, I’m worried.

In fact, I feel pretty damn helpless in all of it. There are scientists, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, secretaries, retail workers, and more who are working much harder than I am to help their communities through the day.

But I still need to keep my business afloat – and so do you.

While it may not feel like a priority, your ongoing marketing efforts can help your business survive. I’ve put together a small package of copy, graphics, and images for you to schedule on your social media. You can download it for free.

It’s not a vaccine. It’s not monetary support. It’s not even a suggestion of a solution to this crisis. But it’s what I can manage to offer you right now. If you have other suggestions of how my skills can help you through your day, please let me know.

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