Content Marketing Strategy

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach and expand your audience

Your profiles across various platforms are so much more than places to dump information. It’s where your audience can get to know you, learn from you, and ultimately start building a relationship with you.

But each platform reaches a different audience with different messaging. The type of post that performs well on Facebook won’t necessarily perform as well on Twitter. And the type of content you share on your Instagram may not be relevant to the audience you have on LinkedIn.

A content marketing strategy takes into account each audience and builds different content optimized for each platform.

What the Content Marketing Strategy includes

A proper content marketing strategy keeps your tone of voice consistent and your brand engaged on multiple social media channels:

  • Unique posts on up to 3 platforms to reach appropriate audiences
  • A content calendar designed to maintain quality and consistency on a quarterly basis
  • Engagement monitoring to determine which content performs best for future strategy

Regular analysis will provide insight into best practices and highlight strategies that work for your audience.

This package starts from €450/month.

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