Thought Leader Package

A Comprehensive Content Strategy That Will Help You Own a Seat at the Table.

Establishing yourself in the industry can feel like an uphill battle for fund managers who are emerging, underestimated, and tired of the status quo.

You work harder than most to receive less than most, but you fight on because:

  • Founders without established networks struggle to secure funding
  • There aren’t enough female investors making decisions
  • People of color are underrepresented on both sides of the table

…and the list goes on.

In order to see people like yourself in the boardroom, you have to claim your seat at the table.

You have to make yourself undeniably visible in spaces that don’t look like you.

You have to make yourself enthusiastically heard in an industry that doesn’t think like you.

Take Yourself from Emerging Fund Manager to Established Thought Leader

Just imagine:

Your content generates shares and engagements.

Investors take your meetings and then write you checks.

Like-minded LPs reach out to connect and then contribute to your fund.

Make it happen for yourself with the Thought Leader Package.

It’s a comprehensive bundle of content creation and marketing strategy that will establish your authority as a fund manager. With insightful blog posts, memorable articles, and shareable content, people will seek out your guidance.

What the Package Includes

With a comprehensive content and marketing strategy, you’ll catch the attention of people who can help you build your fund. Let’s establish the foundation of your online presence.

  • 60-minute brainstorming session
  • Topic pitches for you to choose from
  • 2 articles (up to 1000 words each)
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • Article marketing and optimization

Build your fund and manage your deal flow while I amplify your voice.

Marketing strategy for articles

Writing and publishing articles is only half the journey. Sharing your content in thoughtful posts across your social media will increase your visibility and help others understand why you’re an emerging fund manager to watch.

A strong marketing strategy builds a relationship with your audience so that your first personal interaction feels like a warm introduction.

Publishing platform optimization (SEO)

Your content needs to answer the questions your audience is asking. And not just the questions they’re asking themselves – you need to answer the almighty Google search, too.

With a strong SEO strategy, search engines can easily include your content on the first page of search results. Make yourself easy to find when your audience is looking for answers.

1:1 monthly brainstorming/Touch base session

Let’s make sure we’re still on track! In addition to weekly email updates, I also recommend that we touch base with a phone call on a regular basis to ensure that we’re still on the same wavelength about the direction of the content, the tone of voice, and the overall message we’re putting out there.

Informative Content Leads to New Opportunities

Before I met Sterling, I knew nothing about how to blog. I knew how to create videos and create a story with them, but she gave me the formatting and the organizational skills so that I can have that in my mind before I start doing all these videos.

I love that she makes me sound a lot smarter than I really am. The writing really flows well and it’s digestible. The information is relevant and it’s just fun to read.

Since we’ve been working with each other, I get people telling me how fun and exciting it is to read the blog, how it’s easy to read, and how it’s got great information. And people reach out to collaborate with me as well. I’m getting new opportunities the more that Sterling and I work together.

And she is definitely reliable, trustworthy and flexible with regards to time. And she’s very, very organized. I know that if I ask for something from her, I can count on her to do it. I love her drive, I love her passion, and I love her organization.

DTV Daniel Television

Creatively Expanding Audience Reach

Sterling has created a lot of activity, with little help from us, and expanded our reach with an ever-increasing list of followers and friends. I love working with Sterling and greatly appreciate her patience in working with me, as I am not always accessible.

Mark Hungarland
Doux South

Growing a Podcast from the Ground Up

Before Sterling joined me, I was doing everything. I felt like there needed to be a written component to go along with the audio for Google searches. I was scrambling, I was stressed out, overworked, and just going crazy.

So when I brought her on, she helped create content that was complimentary to the type of information that I really wanted to share on the Food Heroes Podcast. She solved all the stress and craziness that I had while trying to land guests, produce the podcast, and run my business.

I was really impressed with her writing style – it’s a very nice blend of storytelling and facts. It was a delight to work with Sterling!

Katie Jones
Catalyst Creamery and Food Heroes Podcast

Deep Dives with Deadlines

I thoroughly enjoyed working together with Sterling. Her ability to deep dive in any topic, as well as her creative ideas and writing skills and most importantly her ability to meet deadline after deadline left me very impressed!

Maarten Verweij
Origin X

Are you ready to build the table that everyone wants a seat at?

FAQ: Working with Me

Not sure how the magic happens? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from the process of working with me.

Pricing: The Thought Leader package starts at €1999.

Writing process: I send drafts via Google docs so that you can easily comment and track changes without sending multiple drafts back and forth.

Publishing process: By default, I don’t request access to your website or social media. But if you want me to publish content directly, I’m comfortable working with WordPress, Squarespace, Medium, Substack, and Hootsuite.

Project management: If you want me to be part of your workflow, I’m happy to join your Trello, Asana, or Basecamp. I’m also comfortable jumping into new platforms if there is a different tool you prefer.

Invoicing: I send invoices the first Monday of every month, to be paid within 14 days.

Communication: My default method of communicating with clients is email. For calls, I prefer Zoom or Google Meet with video on, but I don’t mind only doing voice calls. I also use WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram.

But speaking of communication…

Ready to Become a Thought Leader?

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In case you want to read more about why working with emerging fund managers is important:

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Special thanks to Minda Harts for her verbiage around claiming a seat at the table in her book The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table