I want to create informative, accessible content for your audience.

As a American native English copywriter, I enjoy working with people who are organized yet creatively disruptive. I’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs and fund managers in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. I’ve worked remotely for five years as part of various international teams.

I conduct thorough research and compile data before writing any articles, blogs, website copy, white papers, or newsletters. I rely on my intuition and professional experience to shape my work, but I also take revisions and critiques to heart in order to improve.

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Thought Leader Package

Well-written articles establish authority in your industry. Whether you have topics in mind or need help brainstorming content, I will research and write optimized articles that establish you as a fund manager to trust and watch.

Looking for an SEO copy writing package? Sterling Schuyler has you covered! As an American native English copywriter living in Rotterdam, she can create and market content for your business at any time.

Complete SEO Copy Writing Package

Whether it’s published on your own website or somewhere else, good content is important for your business. But the content itself isn’t enough. This service includes:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO services (incl. meta description, images, formatting for website)
  • Marketing strategy for published article (incl. social media posts, content creation, publication outreach)

Not sure what SEO is? I wrote a blog post explaining what SEO copywriting is and how it works.

Need help with your writing? Sterling Schuyler can help!

Premium Launch Package

About to launch your fund? There are a million moving pieces when it comes to press releases, outreach, website publishing, newsletter sequencing…let me help you with that.

Multimedia Copywriting

Building an audience for your podcast, vlog, or course is a labor of love. A podcast or vlog with strong written content will not just build an audience of superfans, but it can also help you land interviews, speaking opportunities, and even work contracts.

Sterling Schuyler can design your marketing strategy to boost engagement and conversions

Content Marketing Strategy

Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach and expand your audience. With unique content customized for each platform, you can foster engagements to build a strong network as well as trust.

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