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Need someone to talk to your founders about how to write better (and faster)? Does your team need a crash course in SEO writing? Or maybe you’re assembling a panel of diverse entrepreneurs who have lived in multiple countries?

I can speak to all of those things confidently, passionately, and enthusiastically!

I take pride in speaking clearly and concisely so that my knowledge can be easily shared and understood. I give examples of nearly every answer and explanation so that the audience can grasp the concept in a short amount of time.

Below are topics I’ve spoken about frequently

How to write better (and faster)

Bootstrapped founders don’t have much time or energy to write great copy. But hiring a writer usually isn’t in the budget.

I can offer a number of tips and tricks that any business owner can use to improve their writing skills!

The basics of SEO writing

Learn how to improve your writing so that your content (blogs, websites, videos, etc) shows up in search results!

Writing cold emails that actually get replies

Cold outreach is challenging when everyone’s inboxes are full of unread emails. I can talk about various techniques for writing emails that establish a meaningful connection without feeling sleazy.

You can also check out my course Better Cold Emails to get an idea of the material!

Working with international companies

As an American English copywriter, I’ve helped a number of clients communicate messaging in a way that properly resonates across cultural differences while also maintaining brand identity.

I find this makes for a great conversation and Q&A panel!

A trailing spouse and expat entrepreneur

Many people restart their careers multiple times when their spouse’s career takes them elsewhere. As a former military spouse, I understand the resilience it takes not just to overcome your own insecurities, but also to convince others that your varied work history is an asset.

I love sharing my story and connecting with other spouses to help them get through those tough moments.

Want to connect?

Email me at sterling @ to get the ball rolling! If we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll send you my bio, headshots, and logos.

Me in action