Informative Content Leads to New Opportunities

Before I met Sterling, I knew nothing about how to blog. I knew how to create videos and create a story with them, but she gave me the formatting and the organizational skills so that I can have that in my mind before I start doing all these videos.

I love that she makes me sound a lot smarter than I really am. The writing really flows well and it’s digestible. The information is relevant and it’s just fun to read.

Since we’ve been working with each other, I get people telling me how fun and exciting it is to read the blog, how it’s easy to read, and how it’s got great information. And people reach out to collaborate with me as well. I’m getting new opportunities the more that Sterling and I work together.

And she is definitely reliable, trustworthy and flexible with regards to time. And she’s very, very organized. I know that if I ask for something from her, I can count on her to do it. I love her drive, I love her passion, and I love her organization.